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Exede Internet was launched in 2012 through ViaSat and provides broadband internet to the United States. Exede service is powered by the ViaSat-1 satellite.[1] ViaSat-1 earned the Guinness World Record title for the highest capacity communications satellite.[2] The Exede service currently serves 687,000 customers in the U.S.[3][4]

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2020-06-18 16:00:17 UTC
We know the power of connection to build bridges across difference. This Pride Month, we celebrate our LGBTQ+ emplo… https://t.co/8LkYjLDPfC
Exede Internet added 1 tweet
2020-06-19 16:30:19 UTC
We expect demand for airborne internet access in the post-COVID era to be even stronger than it was before. We're r… https://t.co/E89kbJDGff
Exede Internet added 1 tweet
2020-06-20 17:00:07 UTC
Connectivity helps to educate children, keep families connected, grow small businesses, and transform lives. On thi… https://t.co/tDyqgHGoZn
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2020-06-21 18:14:13 UTC
@brandon24662806 We can look into this for you. Please call us at 855-463-9333 or email [email protected]
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2020-06-22 15:50:02 UTC
“We’re excited to bring affordable high speed internet to millions of people around the world that have never had a… https://t.co/LV0sijVNj0
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2020-06-23 16:30:57 UTC
Learn about our Real-Time Earth ground and space service, which enables speedy access to satellite imagery in criti… https://t.co/gRayJBIe3E
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2020-06-24 15:30:10 UTC
President of Government Systems Ken Peterman shares how the U.S. Space Force’s goals mesh perfectly with the commer… https://t.co/VEK2mkFdHq
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2020-06-24 18:05:21 UTC
RT @AthenaSanDiego: On this International Women in Engineering Day, Athena is excited to invite you to the 22nd Annual #PinnacleAwards… https://t.co/IPbQTghlgH
Exede Internet added 1 tweet
2020-06-25 15:54:18 UTC
In regions like the Caribbean, which is highly impacted by weather, businesses need internet options that provide b… https://t.co/mlItAvRG5s

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Amazon Is Betting Big On Satellite Internet

Amazon announced Project Kuiper in April, a planned constellation of 3,236 LEO internet satellites. The LEO internet space is getting increasingly crowded as Am

3 months conditional positive
New release: Satellite Internet Market 2020 growth strategy

Key Players: ViaSat (Exede), EchoStar (Hughesnet), DishNET, Frontier.

3 months indicative neutral
El Al to Use ViaSat’s In-Flight Internet Service

ViaSat said that El Al will be the first customer for its Exede in-flight Internet service in Europe.

3 months subjunctive positive
Satellite Internet: Which plan is best for you?

If you live in rural America you may have found your Internet options are quite limited. Some areas doesn't even offer DSL because...

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The Worst Internet In America
The Worst Internet In America

The beauty of Saguache County can be inconvenient, particularly in the 21st century.

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WISPA: Average WISP Traffic up 36% Amid COVID-19 - Telecompetitor

Over 80% of wireless internet service providers have seen an increase of subscribers since the pandemic began, according to a WISP COVID-19 survey. Also

about 2 months indicative neutral

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Hear from our employees around the world on how you can help to build an inclusive culture!
We’re living in extraordinary times. COVID-19 is changing the way we live and work. Like you, we’re relying on connectivity to keep in touch, keep busy, and just keep going. Our focus is, and always will be to keep homes, airlines, businesses, and governments connected — no matter how hard it is. See how Viasat is responding to COVID-19 by visiting: https://corpblog.viasat.com/covid-19/
Learn what goes into a typical installation as we set up Telecom Consulting Group (TCG) with a Viasat Business satellite internet connection to support their disaster preparedness efforts.
Many sales partners ask us, does VoIP work over satellite? TCG helps put Viasat Business Voice to the test, having it installed at their office for backup communications. If you're a sales partner and have questions, contact us at [email protected]
Viasat Commercial Aviation products provide end to end solutions to every aspect in an airline's operations.
Whether your passengers want to watch their favorite television show or stay up to date with news occurring in sports, Viasat's In-flight connectivity products offer these options to passengers.
The Viasat Hybrid Adaptive Network, or HAN, is a revolutionary step forward in extending, improving, and securing communications. By layering together many communications networks of various types into a multi-layered network of networks, the HAN allows automated, intelligent routing and re-routing of warfighter communications, adding vital fault tolerance for all mission requirements.
The inaugural Women Leaders in Aviation Luncheon at APEX Expo in Los Angeles brought together visionary leaders from around the Commercial Aviation industry. Thanks to the panelists and everyone who attended.
Participants of UC San Diego’s ENLACE program complemented their cross-border STEM research with insight into real-world experience.

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