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MyRepublic is a multinational Internet company headquartered in Singapore. The company was formed to leverage Singapore's Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN). Since its initial launch in 2011, the company has expanded to three other countries - Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. MyRepublic primarily offers fibre broadband services in all four countries as well as ADSL plans in Australia, VDSL services in New Zealand, and cable TV packages in Indonesia. The company has a combined subscriber base of 200,000 across the four countries.

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MyRepublic Ltd added 1 tweet
2020-07-03 06:41:47 UTC
@SutexGaming Hi, you can also submit a custom routing request thru this link -

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TPG is still king of NBN speed report

TPG still delivers on its download speed promises the most often, while Exetel won on upload speeds, Telstra on latency, and Optus on the highest number of daily outages, according to the fifth ACCC report.

3 months indicative neutral
Most complained-about telcos revealed in Communications Alliance report

MyRepublic topped the ranking at 42.2 complaints per 10,000 services in operation (SIO)

3 months indicative neutral
Why telcos should be more wary of MyRepublic than TPG

Why telcos should be more wary of MyRepublic than TPG

3 months conditional negative
Netflix defeats MyRepublic, and pretty much any VPN out there

It turns out Netflix is serious about enforcing geographical content restrictions, presumably to respect the licensing agreements of content distributors.

3 months indicative negative
Indonesian conglomerate invests $3.5 million in Singapore startup ISP MyRepublic

Indonesian energy company Dian Swastatika Sentosa invested US$3.5 million into Singapore-based internet service provider MyRepublic for 5.9 percent ownership.

3 months indicative positive
MyRepublic promises standard 10GB plans, net neutrality if it becomes Singapore’s 4th telco

It'll be a long process though, so don't expect MyRepublic to offer any mobile plans this year.

3 months conditional positive
TPG outbids MyRepublic to snag Singapore's fourth telco license

Australia's TPG Telecom submits winning bid of S$105 million to secure 60MHz of spectrum, beating local provider MyRepublic in a "surprising" result that puts the spotlight on the former's ability to win customers.

2 months conditional positive
MyRepublic raises US$16M including investment from Brunei

The major Brunei telco is interested in MyRepublic's small cell LTE network technology

about 1 month imperative neutral

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MyRepublic reintroduced their plans just a few weeks ago, but tough competition makes it hard to stand out. Let's talk about it!
Always wanted to have a smart home with nifty tech and incredibly fast Internet speeds? For real: MyRepublic can make it happen.
baru ganti paket internet ke 300mbps, tonton sampe akhir ya. manteb nih isp gan!
Test kecepatan internet MyRepublic di waktu pagi, siang dan malam. Dengan kecepatan internet 30Mbps👇Baca juga ...
Part 3/5 of an easy-to-follow, how to guide! The Wi-Fi Halo - designed to fit right at home. Wi-Fi routers work best when placed out ...
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