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Cityfone Telecommunications Inc. is a Canadian cellular network service reseller owned by Rogers Communications which acquired it in 2010 for CAD$26 million. It provides services through Rogers Wireless.[1] It was founded in 1997 by Dejan Mirkovic, Donald Roth, and Mark Reid.[1] It operates under the Cityfone, Primus Wireless, Zoomer Wireless, and, most recently, SimplyConnect brand names. It only offers postpaid plans under each.

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Cityfone added 1 tweet
2020-07-02 07:29:37 UTC
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2020-06-29 09:18:10 UTC
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Divorce reveals Canadian wireless resellers' challenges

An ex-wife’s attention piqued after a B.C. wholesale service provider’s value shot from $2.9-million to $26-million when it was sold

2 months conditional positive
The best cellphone plans in Canada: Which deals are worth your money?

Most wireless providers in Canada are offering the exact same price for the market's newest phones. But what do you get in each plan?

about 2 months conditional neutral

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